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Empress 1908 Holiday Gift Guide 2021

For home bartenders, mixology experts, foodie friends & more, we’ve pulled together our favourite products to make gifting easy this year!

Give the gift of cocktails this holiday season!

Introducing Empress 1908’s 2021 Gift Guide— for cocktail enthusiasts, mixology experts, foodie friends & more, we’ve pulled together a selection of our very favourite products to make gifting easy this year!

Start by picking up a bottle of Empress 1908 Gin, the perfect present for your loved ones, or to treat yourself. Discover retail locations near you using our store finder, or click here to shop online, and read on for more ideas that pair perfectly with Empress 1908!

For the home bartender

quality tools

Did your loved one take up home bartending this year? The first step to delicious drinks is making sure you’ve got the right tools in hand. Shop our premium copper barware here (or here for US purchases) and learn more about the purpose of each piece in our barware blog post!

creative inspiration

Give the gift of a cocktail book that looks just as good as the recipes inside taste. From the spectacular layered ‘Setting Sail for Victoria’ to the elegant & understated ‘Fly Away with Me’, Natalie Migliarini and James Stevenson’s book, ‘Beautiful Booze’ has a cocktail for every palate. To get a sneak peek of what you’re in for, visit their stunning recipe blog, or check out Natalie’s Instagram page!

elevated glassware

The easiest way to dress up a drink? Elevated glassware! Discover our glassware essentials here, or shop unique & classic styles from our friends at Viski Craft. We’re big fans of their Amaro Spritz glasses, perfect for Empress & Tonics and our Winterberry Soda.

premium mixers

If simple cocktail creations are their expertise, make sure they’re mixing with the best: like Fentimans Botanically Brewed, Exquisitely Crafted Soft Drinks and Mixers since 1905! Their Rose Lemonade is a sure-fire way to create a beautiful drink— try it in our Rose Lemonade cocktail recipe.

From left: Empress 1908 Gin Copper Bar Set, ‘Just in time for Tea’ from Beautiful Booze, ‘Amaro Spritz’ glassware from Viski, Fentimans Rose Lemonade.

For the foodie (who loves a cocktail or two!)

local fare

Inspire the foodies in your life with local ingredients that are equally delicious on their own as they are mixed in a cocktail. Local honey, like this Wildflower Blend from Country Bee Honey Farm here on Vancouver Island, makes for the perfect touch of sweetness in any drink recipe. Try adding it to our Bees Knees!

natural inspiration

Do delicious cocktail recipes using edible flowers & herbs sound like the ideal gift for your special someone? Pick up Alyson Brown’s stunning book, ‘The Flower-Infused Cocktail‘. Providing a fresh take on traditional mixology, the collection infuses the taste of over 60 different edible flowers with history and folklore. Discover a sneak peek of what’s inside with the ‘Butterflies on Saturn‘, made with Empress 1908 Gin!

unique flavours

If you’ve read our story, you know we have a special connection to afternoon tea here at Empress 1908 Gin. Whether sipped warm by the fire or added to your next festive cocktail, premium tea blends from our friends at TEALEAVES make for an exceptional gift during the holidays! Explore their winter collection here, and get inspired with tea-inspired cocktail recipes from our ‘High Tea at Home’ campaign!

From left: Country Bee Honey Farm’s Lemon Ginger Honey, Alyson Brown’s ‘The Flower-Infused Cocktail’, assorted ‘Afternoon Tea’ blends from TEALEAVES.

For the cocktail connoisseur

spice it up

A necessity for both classic cocktails and off-the-cuff creations alike, building a bitters collection is the best way to spice up your bar. Bittered Sling’s curated gift packs are a great way to gift inspiration— with award-winning flavours like their Cascade Celery and Malagasy Chocolate, the possibilities for delicious drinks are endless!

bartending apparel

Look good, feel good, and mix good drinks! With custom embroidery, leather features, and thoughtfully designed pockets for all the necessary bar tools, our Empress 1908 Gin aprons, made by Search & Rescue Denim, are an ideal gift for the cocktailing pros. Dress things up even further with our Empress 1908 Gin enamel bottle and E&T pins!

mixologist’s day off!

Even the most expert mixologist needs a day off! For those moments a simple gin & tonic does the just trick, there’s no need to compromise on quality & flavour. Fentimans ‘Connoisseur’s Tonic’ was made for the occasion! The delicate flavour profile of this premium tonic water enhances and amplifies the beautiful botanicals of premium spirits, letting the spirit be the hero.

From left: Creative Flavours 1.0 Gift Pack from Bittered Sling, Empress 1908 Gin bar apron & enamel pins, Fentimans Connoisseur’s Tonic Water.

Cheers to a very merry holiday season filled with delicious cocktails and time spent with family & friends. We’ll be toasting a Cranberry 75 to you all as we get ready for another exciting year ahead!

Sip responsibly!